All relationships have challenges, and go through difficult times.

Sometimes couples are able to resolve these issues on their own, but there are other times when quite frankly, despite everything you have tried, you just can't seem to resolve your issues.

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Creating a safe space for you and your partner

What we do

Couples Counselling

A key factor in the enjoyment of our lives is the quality of our close relationships. At some stage in every couple’s journey they may start to experience relationship challenges.

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Christian Couple Counselling

Every relationship has a divine story with a divine Godly purpose. This service is to support couples who look to God when facing relational issues.

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Work through an affair

Surviving an affair includes much rebuilding of trust and patience on both sides. Each relationship is unique and needs it's own approach.

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Young families

Certain life stages in a couple’s journey can be very challenging transitions. We create a safe space to help you to explore your issues and restore or repair your relationship.

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Interracial couples

Intercultural relationships (and interracial couples) can face unique challenges as they struggle to navigate the cultural differences, which are often embedded deep within our identity, and difficult to articulate.

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Pregnancy loss

The loss of a baby can be a devastating experience. The good news is that healing is possible and there are ways for you and your partner to grieve in a space of togetherness.

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What to expect.

Individuals, and couples alike, often feel a sense of uncertainty when it comes to opening up to a counsellor, and that's okay.

The most important thing for you as a couple and I as your therapist is for us to establish a good rapport.

As people, when we get to the core of our issues as individuals, we begin to understand ourselves and our partner better. That inevitably results in enhanced intimacy, getting to the heart of our conflicts and find new paths toward connection, and ultimately, freedom.

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