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Jill Dzadey has provided expert couples counselling advice for various media outlets. She is Australia's most sought-after therapists and is regularly called on as a relationship expert in national media. She has written articles for ABC and appeared on Triple J's "TheHook Up" and various podcasts.

Why couples who met in the pandemic are finding life post-lockdowns a challenge

A relationship therapist's take on the experience of couple's that met during the Melbourne lockdown's.

Media pandemic impact - ABC

ABC Everyday. / By Jill Dzadey, as told to Yasmin Jeffery

Relationship counsellor Jill Dzadey says there's a chance couples who met in the pandemic only worked well when in their little bubbles together.(ABC Everyday: Yasmin Jeffery)

Conception Sex

How to deal with differences in intercultural and interracial relationships

The challenging experience of interracial /biracial and intercultural relationships. How couples counselling helps intercultural couples.

Intercultural relationships
Relationship counsellor Jill Dzadey has advice for couples looking to navigate cultural or religious tensions in cross-cultural relationships.(ABC Everyday: Yasmin Jeffery)

Dating: The experience of sober dating  

Dating can cause lots anxiety! Alcohol can make people feel more confident and lower a lot of our inhibitions when dating. What happens when we take alcohol out of the dating equation.

Before Sam went sober just over a year ago, she was "someone who would never say no to a beverage"

What to do when your therapist doesn't get your cultural background

It's becoming increasingly apparent for people of minority backgrounds (ie. people of colour and other ethnic minorities) to have challenging experiences in therapy. They can struggle to have access to therapists that are culturally safe / sensitive and inclusive to their specific cultural needs.

Inez says therapists who aren't culturally or linguistically diverse have suggested she stop seeing her family.(Supplied/ABC Everyday: Luke Tribe)

How (and why) some couples should take a break during your first home-buying journey

Buying your first home is very exciting. But for many couples the decision and the process to buy a home can also cause significant stress.

Emma wishes she and her partner realised the magnitude of what they were trying to do, and taken a break from time to time when house hunting.(Supplied)


Deep & Meaningful with Dawn Mackay and Jill Dzadey - Relationships surviving tough seasons.

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