Pregnancy loss

The loss of baby whether it's through early or late miscarriage or still birth, can be a devastating experience for many couples.

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Known as “invisible grief”, many parents feel very connected to their child during the early stages of pregnancy, as they begin to plan and make space for the child in their lives. It’s normal to have many emotions following a pregnancy loss such as anger, meaninglessness, guilt, worthlessness, fear, self-blame and desperation for another pregnancy. Many couples find that they grieve differently following perinatal loss, which can cause significant stress on the relationship.  These differences in a couples grief can exacerbate feelings of isolation. Unfortunately there is no road map for grief and when you are in it, it can feel like it will never end. The good news is that healing is possible and there are ways for you and your partner to grieve in a space of togetherness. We provide counselling for couples who have experienced a pregnancy loss.

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